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Tactics Ogre: The Knight Of Lodis


Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis is nothing short of a great game. The story follows a young knight in the Lodis Empire, named Alphonse, who has been dispatched to quell a rebellion on the island of Ovis. Upon arrival, he quickly learns that things are not as they seem and begins a long and dangerous journey to discover what is really going on behind the scenes, and who is ultimately manipulating the government for personal gain. Throughout this quest, he will gain many allies, and face many foes, all for the sake of peace. The plot never disappoints, but continues on and on, inevitably changing based on the decisions made by the player, and resulting in multiple endings and even deciding what characters will join your cause. And though this is another game in an extended series of the the Ogre Series, the story is fresh and anyone can pick it up. With over 40 hours of gameplay for one round, the replay value is incredible.

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