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Ah, OutRun, one of SEGA’s classic arcade games, which ended up ported to various systems in various forms, until the release of its sequel, OutRun 2. This is one of the ports, brought to the Game Gear. Like most Game Gear ports, OutRun offers all of the fun of the original, but with decreased graphic and sound quality. Probably the first good driving game on Sega’s power-draining portable. Compared to today’s minimum standard for racing games, it’s a bit simple, but it gets the job done.

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Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine


This game and I go waaaaaaaay back…At least its Genesis equivalent and I do. Tetris may have been the first puzzle game I ever played, but Dr. Robotnikís Mean Bean Machine was the first one I understood. Yep, at age 6, Tetrisís goal of making lines eluded me, but grouping four or more beans of the same color was easy as pie. One could say that Mean Bean Machine is the game that taught me to love puzzle games, well into the present.

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