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Golden Sun: The Lost Age


In 2001, Camelot brought us a splendid little gem of an RPG known as Golden Sun to the Game Boy Advance. Among the GBA’s slew of RPG adventures, it was arguably one of the better turn-based outings the genre had seen in a while. It was also rather lengthy for a GBA game, clocking in at an average of about 22 hours to finish to completion.

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Brave Story: New Traveler


We all know what it takes to make a good RPG. It’s really not that hard. Make the character models look unique, the dungeons varied, and throw in some level grind goodness but don’t make it too tedious or too frequent. Take this, coupled with a story that captivates the game playing audience, and you’ve got something that will satisfy most RPG nerds.

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Black Rock Shooter

I never watched the Black Rock Shooter anime prior to playing the game. I didn’t know what to expect, so going by the name alone, I thought it would be a bad first person shooter with a generic anime paint job. By playing the game, I discovered the show, and now I’m hooked. I’m also a bit hung up on the game. I started the game with only the intent to review it, but as I played it, I got caught up in the gameplay. I really don’t know how to review this. Is it an RPG, an action game, or a 3rd person shooter?

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