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We Have Moved!


Our stay at WordPress.com was never meant to be our permanent residence. Today, I transferred everything over to our new domain. Please join me and my new crew by clicking on the preview image above. Hope to see you there. For those who can’t click on the image, the url is: http://portablereview.net


Dragon’s Crown Patch Is Live


Dragon’s Crown received some minor tweaks and fixes to both the PS3 and PS Vita versions this week to improve gameplay and stabilize network connectivity. We’re sorry if this caused you any inconvenience to your bashing, hacking, torching, slamming, and stabbing during dungeon crawls! Full patch notes inside.

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Rune Factory 4 Wants You To Be Prepared

XSEED Games wants you to know exactly what this game is about. As such, they are releasing a series of “how to” videos to help new players get accustomed to it’s rather unique gameplay. The video above is the latest. Click “Read More” or visit our YouTube page to see the first video that takes a look at the farming portion of the game. Prior to seeing these videos, I didn’t care too much about this title, but now, I’m excited for it’s release.

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Busy Week, Playing Games


The past week, I’ve been very diligently playing Dragon’s Crown. I’ve put in way more time than is needed to review the game, but I just can’t put it down. I’ve also been hard at work trying to make press connections. I’m happy to say that I’ve made quite a few, so expect many more new reviews in the coming days. First up, we have Big Sky Infinity and PixelJunk Monsters. Soul Sacrifice, Disgaea 3, Germinator, Dokuro, Dragon’s Crown, Guacamelee!, Persona 4 Golden, Playstation All-Stars, Rymdkapsel, Project X Zone, ¬†God’s Eater Burst, Limbo, and Sound Shapes (in no particular order) are all in the pipeline. I will also have a massive update of classic reviews similar to the 4th.

(The above image is from the game Exit. I just needed a picture of busy people)

Capcom Continues To Disappoint Me

Here’s the new trailer for the Japanese 3DS game, Monster Hunter 4. Anybody who knows me, knows that Monster Hunter is one of my favorite games. They also know that I’ve grown accustomed to playing it on the PSP. I can get down with dual analogs, but after 2000+ hours of playing with the “Monster Hunter Claw”, it’s next to impossible for me to adjust to the 3DS’s control scheme. The last game was the first Monster Hunter title I skipped since MHF first hit the U.S. on the PSP. If this does come Stateside, I may just have to pick it up. Damn you, Capcom! This could have both looked and controlled better on the PS Vita.

Booby Brawler Senran Kagura Burst Coming To U.S.

Senran Kagura Burst is coming to the States later this year. At present, there is no official release date other than Fall. This should be good news for anyone that likes quirky Japanese games with a great number of over-sized breasts. Those who thought today’s Dragon’s Crown release was over-the-top and gratuitous should probably avoid this trailer. Either that, or watch it, and tell us all how obnoxious and inappropriate this sort of this is in the comments.

Celebrating Portable Review’s Imminent Return


After my attempts to reunite the old crew fell through, I came up with an idea. Since everyone is currently unavailable, I asked them if I could re-publish their old work. Those I was able to get in touch with are on board with the idea, so I’m here to introduce you all to Portable Review Classics. Each review will be filed by system and the tag “Classics”.

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Why Don’t You Do 3DS Reviews?

biggerSomeone asked me why I don’t review 3DS games. The short and honest answer is that I just don’t have many of them. The games I do have are Luigi’s Mansion, Fire Emblem, and Art Academy. I also have all of the Mii Plaza games. It also doesn’t help much that none of my contacts have sent me any 3DS games to review while I’ve gotten a bunch of Vita titles to review.

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