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Atomic Ninjas Survival Guide #1

This trailer is fresh off the cutting board and offers some insight into what exactly the game is about. I’m told that it’s the first of many trailers that will be designed to let you know exactly what you’ll be doing in this interesting brawler. I’ve also been fed some juicy bits of detail regarding the game. For starters, it will release “late September” exclusively for PSN. Grip Games will be showing the title at the upcoming Gamescom, so if anyone is roaming around Germany, go check it out!


Tearaway Gets Release Date

Originally scheduled to release sometime in mid-October, the team needed a little more time to iron out the wrinkles. The good news is that they have announced an official date for its release, November 22. One month isn’t that long to wait for a more polished game. I honestly like it when I hear a developer say that the game will be done “when it’s ready”. We almost always get a better game when they are allowed that extra time.

Atomic Ninjas Announced for PS Vita

The Playstation Blog updated with a fun little game from Grip Games titled Atomic Ninja. It looks like it’ll be similar to TowerFall on the Ouya and Crash Commando for the PS3, but instead of just dying, it looks like it’ll have a mechanic similar to Super Smash Bros. that sends you flying further and further away until you hit lava or just fly off the stage. Rockets, grappling hooks, ninja…uhh circles, teeny tiny bitch slaps, and other special abilities such as sticking to walls and ceilings. The story looks bizarre as you might expect from a game that gives multiple ninjas rocket packs and pits them against one another in a platformer duel to the death. If you haven’t already, check out the trailer.

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