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Wario Ware Touched


Back when the original Wario Ware was announced, I remember being very skeptical of the concept. A game that’s based on mini-mini-games that last about 5 seconds didn’t really seem pleasing, but after my first time playing Wario Ware, my skepticism was completely gone. What works about Wario Ware is that the game moves so quickly that it’ll keep you occupied like a normal level in any other game would. It’s the speed that keeps you on your toes. The game’s wackiness is what makes you laugh at it and keep playing.

Even after the touch screen for the DS was announced, people were already talking about what Wario Ware could be like. Everyone who thought it was going to be great was right; this game fits the DS like a glove. (Wow, that’s cliché.) But seriously, this game just works on the DS. The touch screen allows for much more involved games and also a bigger variety of games that the developers can give us.

Wario Ware: Touched includes chopping, dividing, using a calculator, fixing the time, capturing animals, pulling elephants trunks (too bad the elephant wasn’t blue.), pulling toilet paper, pissing (no joke), playing old NES and Game and Watch games, picking noses, chopping wood, scratching backs, revealing toilet coins…. And the list just goes on. If there’s any game that really represents variety, it’s definitely Wario Ware. The thing that really sets this game apart from the original is obviously the touch screen. Another important thing that’s different is that the A, B, X and Y buttons aren’t used… AT ALL! It even says so in the booklet. Every game uses the touch pad, the microphone, or the R and L buttons. It takes advantage of every feature of the DS too, except the wireless multiplayer which would have been cool if some of the games in the toy room were single cart multiplayer.

My one major grudge about Wario Ware: Touched is that while playing, my hand got in my way a few times which makes it hard to beat that particular mini-game, but that didn’t happen too much. I also didn’t like how each character’s stages had a theme. I think the theme kind of made the game kind of easy the first time around. For Example, during Mike’s event, I just kept blowing into the microphone when the games started and won every time, (Is it luck? I doubt it.) but after you beat it and go back, the mic blowing becomes much more involved.

Wario Ware’s graphics are a style completely unique to the series. What I really like about them is that they’re so simple that they can be carried throughout both screens so easily and it looks great. The in game graphics are a different story though. Like the past Wario Ware games, the graphics in game are very simple which is more than likely due to them trying to fit as many games as possible on the cart.

The background music in Wario Ware is intense. It’s extremely well composed and fits the game perfectly. It speeds up, it slows down, it stops, it goes, it does just about everything to make the game feel faster than it really is. The music pushes you and Wario’s voice does as well. Wario will say stuff like “excellent” and “Okay!” The sound effects are perfect; although some are a little odd… they’re perfect.

Probably the best thing about Wario Ware is that you can pick it up at any time and just start playing. It’s pretty hard to pick up a RPG for just a few minutes to play, but games like these are perfect for that, but with this one, you’ll want to play longer. Since Wario Ware is a bunch of mini games, you don’t have to remember the story, you don’t have to remember where you are or how to get out of a dungeon, it’s just mindless fun to pass time. On top of that, after you beat a stage for the first time, you can play the stage again and try to finish as many mini games as possible without messing up more than four times.

But does Wario live up to the hype? For a short answer: Yes. For a longer one: Not only does it live up to the hype, It surpassed my expectations. I loved the first Wario Ware and this one is just as great. I love the fact that I now I can just pick this up and play at anytime I want, which usually when I beat a game, I don’t play it again unless it’s a puzzle game or it’s known as Pokémon.

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  1. JohnnyRican on said:

    love your reviews and i love this game really good in depth review keep going

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